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The National Library of Israel’s Initiatives in response to the war

The National Library of Israel has mobilized to help the people of Israel and the Jewish people through this painful period in history. Below are curated resources to support the community abroad during wartime.

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Documenting October 7th and its Aftermath

The National Library of Israel (NLI) is leading a global effort to collect materials that reflect the broad historical record of October 7th, the war, and its aftermath—including Jewish activism against antisemitism. Your photographs, videos, social media posts, and more are important and reflect global action and reaction during this moment in time.

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Books about Israel

This curated list includes a sample of books from the NLI’s Israel collection that offer a range of perspectives on Israel’s history, society, and challenges, as well as on the Israeli-Arab conflict. We have included both classics and new works, books written for the general public, as well as several accessible academic books.

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Kibbutz Nir Oz, seen from above, 2019.

Stories of Resilience & History

The Librarians blog has been sharing stories focused on the history of Israel’s border towns and kibbutzim, the IDF, and the home-front.

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Resources for Educators of Young Students

NLI offers resources to help foster conversations about communal responsibility and solidarity, including texts and primary sources that highlight Jewish unity and response during times of crisis.

Educational Resources

שני רגעים

Shnei Regaim offers a platform for teens to document two moments in time from October 7th moving forward through text, photographs, or videos. Ask your students to add their own two moments, or browse the gallery of posts from Israeli youth.

שני רגעים