Arik Einstein and other artists entertain wounded soldiers at Cafe Scala in Tel Aviv (1969). Photo: IPPA archive.

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The National Library of Israel offers unparalleled virtual and in-person opportunities for cultural and educational enrichment. We seek to inspire a community of learners.

The Sarajevo Haggadah: a Masterpiece of Jewish Art and its Incredible Journey from Catalonia to Bosnia.

Sunday, April 2, 1 pm ET

Considered nowadays the most valuable and number one national art treasure of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Sarajevo Haggadah is popularly known as the most beautiful Hebrew book ever produced. The famous illuminated Haggadah witnessed many dramatic events – sought after by the Nazis, hidden by a Muslim librarian, robbed by art thieves, endangered during the Bosnian War of the 1990s, hidden in the underground vault of the National Bank – and it was miraculously saved time and again. Join us as Shalom Sabar, Professor Emeritus of Jewish Art and Folklore at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, shares insights into this valuable treasure.
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“Socialist Youth Were Still Fighting”: The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising and Modern Jewish Politics

Sunday, April 16, 1 pm ET

The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising was not a deviation from modern Jewish politics, but rather a continuation of it. At the same time, it was also a unique expression of Jewish politics. In this lecture Dr. Tom Navon will outline and explain this duality while telling the story of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising as a grass-root socialist revolt.

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Sister trio A-WA preforming at B’sod Kolot Rabim (“The Secret of Many Voices”), the National Library’s annual celebration of liturgical poetry, prayer, and song,

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Children on the first day of school (1981). Photo: IPPA archive.

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