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Resources For Teachers

The Education Department has a vast array of ideas and programs that it seeks to bring to a wider audience in the United States, Israel, and throughout the world. 

Educators receive training on accessing unique primary source material as well as on bringing the lessons and programs into the classroom or youth group settings.

These are YOUR teacher resources.

Education at the National Library. Photo: Assaf Pinchuk.

NLI’s English-language education websites, The National Library of Israel for Educators presents lesson plans and activities —ranging from personalized B’nai Mitzvah experiences to creative lesson plans on historical figures such as Hannah Senesh.


Highlighted Resources

We are excited to present Curate & Create, a contest and educational program, which invites young learners to explore treasures of Israeli and Jewish culture from the National Library of Israel collections and create an original Yom Ha’atzmaut poster that expresses their reflections on Israel and its role in the Jewish world today.

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Bring the treasures of the National Library of Israel to your community with an exhibit of 18 highlights from the Library’s collections, available online with an option to print for mounting in your venue. Educational resources, including lesson plans, webinars, and other materials, are available in conjunction with the exhibition.

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The Jewish press in its many languages is first and foremost a source of information on the history and culture of world Jewry and on the countries where Jews live in the modern era. This resource offers an easily searchable collection of published press about Jewish communities across the globe, dating as far back as 240 years.


Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebrations are an important milestone, as teens embark on their personal journey toward becoming independent members of the Jewish people. In this new program, The National Library invites teens to explore their heritage and reflect on their personal connection to it.

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For more information about the latest educational programs, contact Shuvi Hoffman, Global Jewish Education Manager, at

Resources For Researchers

A wealth of resources for scholars, researchers, and knowledge seekers.

Resources For The Public

Digitized treasures, family history services, and online cultural events and more.

Resources For Partner Organizations

Educational programming, expert speakers, mission planning support, and other services.